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Support Documentation

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about 正规打牌软件 at 国术食品有限公司 正规打牌软件 正规打牌app, from basic 正规打牌app features to theme 正规打牌软件 plugin set-up instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here 正规打牌app some quick answers to popular questions. To find 正规打牌软件 browse for more answers, please use the search or refer to 国术食品有限公司’s documentation in the right sidebar menu 正规打牌软件 the CampusPress Knowledge Base.

How do I make a site private?

Site privacy controls who can 正规打牌软件 can’t view your blog 正规打牌软件 if it should be crawled by search engines. You change privacy in Settings > Reading.

Reference: Change site privacy

How do I view my site stats?

You can check your site statistics using Statistics + GTM > Google Analytics in the dashboard of your site as well as connect to your own Google Analytics account in Statistics + GTM > Accounts. You can also set up Jetpack’s site stats.

How do I check the activity of any user on my site?

There 正规打牌app two ways to see an activity report on any given user(s):

  • Go to Dashboard > Users > Reports 正规打牌软件 set the filters
  • Locate the user in Dashboard > Users 正规打牌软件 click the Reports link under their name

You can also download reports in PDF & CSV file formats.

Reference: User Reports

Why can't users log in with Friends of 国术食品有限公司 accounts?
As of August 12, 2016, Friends of 国术食品有限公司 (FPS) accounts is no longer supported by 正规打牌软件 at 国术食品有限公司. FPS account Users will still be able to view your site as long as it is public (i.e. not set as a Private Blog). If you currently have FPS Users as content authors or subscribers 正规打牌软件 they still require access to your site 正规打牌软件 do not currently have 国术食品有限公司 affiliation, please refer to the Sponsored Accounts page page for information on requirements for access. FPS account Users will still be able to view your site as long as it is a public website (i.e. not a Protected Site).
How do I clone my site to a new URL?

The CampusPress team is able to clone your current site to a new URL. Simply submit a ticket request.

Can I export my site after I graduate or leave the University?
Yes! Currently, you should still have access to your account using your 国术食品有限公司 userID or Friends of 国术食品有限公司 account. However, at some point in the future it could potentually get deleted as the service continues to grow. You can export your site as an XML file 正规打牌软件 import it to a 正规打牌 site or your own hosted 正规打牌app installation.

Reference: Moving a Site

Why is my website not showing up in Google results?

First, check your Blog 正规打牌软件 settings to make sure your site is set to be crawled by search engines. You will find this setting in your Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Site Visibility. Make sure that the “Allow Search Engines to index this site” is chosen. Make sure you do not have any of the 正规打牌软件 options selected. Keep in mind that even if your settings 正规打牌app such that your site is publicly viewable, Google (正规打牌软件 other search engines) still may not know that the site exists yet because no one on the public web is linking to it. To expedite the search indexing process you can submit your site to Google.

Another really great resource with tips for increasing traffic is this article by wpmudev, Increase Traffic to your Site with these Tried 正规打牌软件 Tested Blogging Tips.


Can I upload themes 正规打牌软件 plugins to my site?

Plugins extend 正规打牌软件 exp正规打牌软件 the functionality of your blog.

Go to Plugins > All in your dashboard 正规打牌软件 click on Activate below the plugin you want to use.

正规打牌软件 at 国术食品有限公司/CampusPress is powered by a customized version of 正规打牌app multisite. Most plugins 正规打牌app designed to work on a single installs of self hosted 正规打牌app 正规打牌软件 many won’t work on 正规打牌app Multisite.

All plugins installed have been thoroughly tested 正规打牌软件 customized to ensure they 正规打牌app compatible 正规打牌软件 don’t cause problems. You can’t upload themes or plugins to your blog.

Reference: Activate Plugins

Can I change the URL of my site?

As in from to

As in from to
Once you have created a site 正规打牌软件 chosen a URL (e.g., you cannot directly change/edit it to a different URL (e.g. You can create a new blog with your preferred blog address.

Reference:?Changing your Site Name/URL/Address

Different from URL request for a domain name.

Can I request a domain for my site?
Yes! If your site is a departmental site or an officially recognized student organization, simply Submit a Request 正规打牌软件 our team will request the domain 正规打牌软件 map it to your 正规打牌软件 at 国术食品有限公司 正规打牌app site. If you represent a student club 正规打牌软件 it is an officially recognized student organizations, a custom can be requested by contacting Student Affairs, Office of Student Activities:

Reference: Mapped Domains